Discover is the foundation of our practice development services. Working with you and your team, we dive deep to explore your internal and external marketing and how patients may perceive the experience of treatment at your practice.

Discovering new opportunities

Discover is a practical, yet insightful service that helps you understand how patients see, understand, and respond to your brand identity. We will uncover the subtle messages you are sending to your future potential patients and explore ways that you can adapt these messages so you can develop and grow your practice.

Developing your marketing and growth strategy is a finely structured aspect of your business. It is about how and where to listen, assessing what’s important, making connections, and knowing when and what to communicate. At a deeper level, it’s also about challenging assumptions, seeing beyond the obvious, and tapping into what is truly possible.

Discover will find what opportunities exist to make your practice brilliant. We will work with you and your staff to understand what matters to you and your patients, look at your branding, and consider alternative ways to position your brand firmly in front of those who are seeking what you deliver. Achieving this clarity, and communicating the values and brand story is fundamental to building your successful practice.

How does it work?

The first part of the Discover service looks at how likely a potential patient is to find your services compared to that of a competitor and what impression they get about the experience of treatment from the brand story you convey.

We then spend a day at your practice talking with your team where we look at many aspects of your practice including your patient onboarding process, and your internal marketing. Using this information we will suggest where improvements can be made, and where you may like to focus your efforts.


Our goal is to identify your strengths, explore what’s possible, and show you how you can make your brand the clear choice for people considering dental or orthodontic treatment.

“So much marketing advice feels pushy but Neil’s approach made me feel comfortable and confident to develop my private practice” – Specialist Orthodontist

Case study

Hillyard MacDonald + Dr Asif Chatoo, Specialist Orthodontist and owner of the London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic

We reviewed the marketing activities at The London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic to identify where improvements could be made. We shared our ideas to improve their social media marketing and website and our recommendations for developing more, better patient engagement activities.

To get the entire team on board, we hosted a workshop with Dr. Chatoo’s team, where we introduced their new practice development strategy and taught the importance of effective patient engagement. We worked closely with the practice team to increase their skills and help them confidently apply what they learned from the workshop. We also provided training and ongoing coaching for the newly appointed treatment coordinator to support their growth in the role.

Dr Asif Chatoo said “I would like to thank you for all the encouragement and guidance you provided the individual team members. I was impressed with the time spent with each member of the team to understand their roles and the current challenges in their duties. 

You found solutions and provided advice from your personal experiences as a previous patient. I really appreciated the time spent and your attention to convey information that I felt was very specific to the needs of the practice and my team. I look forward to working with you again and welcoming you back to the practice.”