Building on our Discover service, we will work closely with you and your team to implement changes. This will make it easier for patients to identify with your practice so that they choose you for their dental or orthodontic treatment.

Developing your potential

Develop is about your practice growth aspirations. It starts with a conversation about what needs to change and how you can achieve those changes. For some, this is a slow, iterative process that builds on the successes they have already achieved. For others, it means a quick refresh or rapid growth of their brand and patient engagement activities to emerge stronger than they were before.

How does it work?

Building on our findings from Discover, we explore four key areas: 1) strategy, 2) people and culture, 3) process, 4) marketing. This will help position your practice more effectively. We will identify every opportunity, whether large or small, to improve your practice and to make it easier for your team to get your patients to start treatment with you.

Develop typically takes from 6 to 12 months to complete and may include creating a new brand identity, implementing new processes, as well as revising your website and social media content, and even shooting new photos and videos.

We will be with you every step of the way

Change can be an exciting phase for any practice, but it can also mean letting go of traditional beliefs and behaviours, and that may be challenging for some team members. A key element of Develop is that we make sure your team is fully supported and listened to throughout this process to ensure lasting and effective change. We will be there to support you and them through any changes, and to hear all your ideas.


Develop is your chance to reinvent your brand and the story you promote to your patients. It is an opportunity to refresh your processes, and for you to explore the untapped potential within your practice. It encourages your team to be creative, take responsibility for, and pride in, ongoing success, and consistently engage with patients in a way that supports the growth of your practice.

“I’ve appreciated the step by step pieces of advice – otherwise I wouldn’t know where to start” – Specialist Orthodontist

Case study

Our client is an established, successful mixed specialist practice based in the Midlands who was concerned about how the NHS re-tendering process would affect their practice. They recognised the need to be proactive in developing their portfolio of private patients and engaged Hillyard MacDonald to support their on-going practice development activities.

We started by reviewing their existing patient marketing initiatives and conducting a detailed competitor analysis. We then made a number of recommendations for the longer-term development of the practice. Working with all members of their team, we identified opportunities for improved patient engagement and developed and implemented a new marketing strategy. We helped to develop a treatment coordinator role and worked with the management team to support them through the change process as new working practices were introduced.

By working with us, our client was able to focus on the key patient engagement activities that helped them grow their private patient portfolio. 

They said “As Managing Director of a busy NHS practice, I have struggled with overcoming resistance of change in the workplace facing negativity at every turn to increase our private revenue.

However, Neil has guided me and educated me with the proper tools to engage my staff, gaining more positive responses and actions to help grow the business together as a team. A great weight has lifted and I have found a joy for the business once again.”