Setting up a new practice gives you the opportunity and freedom to start afresh with every aspect of your business. From selecting great staff, devising new and more efficient processes, designing the patient experience and setting up your engagement channels, you have a unique opportunity to get it right from the outset. We would be very interested in working with you throughout the planning and launch phase of your new business.

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The provision of orthodontics is rapidly changing with patients becoming more aware of the options available to them and higher expectations for their treatment experience and outcomes. Launching a new practice provides a fantastic opportunity to deliver a service perfectly aligned to your patients needs and in doing so you will be building a business that will quickly become profitable and well respected.

We advocate effective patient engagement through everything you do as the most effective means of developing your new practice. For this to work, all members of your team need to be fully on board with the culture of excellence you wish to promote. We can help you develop your strategy, processes and patient engagement activities.


In a competitive market for new orthodontic patients, it should be possible to convert the majority of leads into new business. But only if you have the right process that engages them effectively.

How we can help you start your new practice

Developing the patient process

Working with you and your new team, we will help you to devise your patient engagement processes ensuring your maximise every opportunity.

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Setting up your marketing channels

Based on your aspirations, we will work with you to identify and set up your marketing channels ensuring you accurately target the patients you wish to attract to your new practice.

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Staff development

We have devised a number of innovative in-practice workshops that will help your team to better understand the part they play in supporting engagement with all of your patients.

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Working with your website developer

Your new website needs to effectively engage with your potential patients rather than simply providing an online advertisement for your practice.

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Coaching and Mentoring

During the important first year of your new practice, we can provide coaching and mentoring for you and your new team ensuring your strategy is being realised.

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Staff recruitment

We can help you with your recruitment processes to ensure you employ a great team who will be aligned to your vision.

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The easiest and most powerful way to increase customer loyalty is really very simple. Make your customers happy.

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We value a long term working relationship with our clients and will work with you to identify innovative solutions to the challenges you face. Our approach is to find out from you what works well for you and to adapt our services to best meet your needs.

We very much look forward to working with you.