Orthodontic practice development can mean different things to different people. Whether it is attracting new patients, making the business more profitable, preparing for expansion or just doing things a little more efficiently to create some breathing space, we can help you to make the changes necessary. Unless there is a need for making massive changes quickly, we see development as an iterative process starting with a well-defined strategy and ending with the creation of an exceptional patient experience.



Practice development is a process that has a clear starting point but multiple endpoints depending on your ambitions. Handled thoughtfully, it yields benefits across the scope of your practice for you, your patients and your team.

To achieve consistent development, you will need to have everyone in your team fully onboard with the changes you are implementing. They will need to recognise the benefits it will bring to them, their patients and the practice and understand the important part they play in achieving your ambitions for your practice. Not everyone will be comfortable with change which is why we focus some of our attention on the important people and cultural aspects that allow you to effectively manage change and to develop your practice.


Business management

If you are starting to shift your focus towards developing your practice, we can provide on-going business management support which will bring together all aspects of your practice management, marketing, and patient engagement activities. Working closely with you and your staff we will become an integral part of your practice team providing business development support across the scope of your practice activities ensuring you achieve the required practice development potential.

Examples of our work with orthodontic practices

“As Managing Director of a busy NHS practice, I have struggled with overcoming resistance of change in the workplace facing negativity at every turn to increase our private revenue. However, Neil has guided me and educated me with the proper tools to engage my staff, gaining more positive responses and actions to help grow the business together as a team. A great weight has lifted and I have found a joy for the business once again!