Marketing of orthodontic treatment has evolved rapidly with some patients making decisions on treatment options long before attending their first appointment. The use of social media has greatly increased awareness of every aspect of orthodontic treatment with many bloggers producing fascinating content for an ever expanding readership. Isn’t it about time your marketing caught up?



Orthodontic marketing is a broad term for patient awareness, engagement and promotional activities provided through the delivery of your service, websites, video, social media channels and advocates for your practice. The reach of social media is enormous particularly if you can find an innovative approach to engaging with new patients.

With very few orthodontic practices engaging effectively with patients through social media, an opportunity exists to reach a large number of prospective patients at relatively low cost. Mindful of the time social media can take to do properly, we can work with you to develop a strategy and your channels and to provide content to keep these populated.


Marketing is no longer about the services you provide but the stories you tell. Your patients’ perceptions about your practice are your reality and the one you and your team deal with on a daily basis.

How we can help you with orthodontic marketing and social media

Social media audit

After reviewing your use of social media, we will suggest how you may change your approach to bring additional benefits to you and your patients.

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Marketing review

Working with your team we will review how effectively you use the marketing channels available and will suggest changes you may wish to consider.

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Social media workshops

We run a number of workshops aimed at providing staff with the skills and confidence to use social media effectively.

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Managed social media

If you would prefer a more ‘hands-off’ approach, we can manage your social media channels for you.

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Marketing opportunities

There are many ways to market orthodontic services and we can advise you on which will work best for you.

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The first rule of social media is that everything changes all the time. What won’t change is the community’s desire to network.

Kami Huyse