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Staff development is essential if you want to get the best out of your team and encourage them to do things differently for the benefit of your patients. Development activities can occur through workshops and training, workplace coaching and mentoring and by utilising these new skills on a daily basis. This is often referred to as 70:20:10 and is a model we encourage you to use at your practice due to the huge benefits it can provide. We can help you to develop your team.

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To support any practice development work we undertake, we like to ensure your whole team is fully engaged in the changes we have proposed. This is often best achieved through focussed in-practice training supported by on-going coaching from key people in the practice.

Orthodontics is a people business and in our experience, the majority of people who work in dental practices enjoy interacting with patients. When changes are suggested, this can be a little unnerving to some so our in-practice workshops are designed to engage the whole team to ensure they fully understand the reasoning behind the changes and the impact this will have on their work. We believe that learning should be interactive, bite-sized and enjoyable, but also supported by coaching activities long after the training has finished.


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In-practice workshops

Irrespective of whether you use our other services, we can deliver in-practice training on a number of topics relevant to the development of your practice. These can be 1:1 or in small groups depending on your needs. For some of our shorter workshops, we can deliver several in one day or can develop more in-depth workshops that explore topics in greater detail. We have found that the learning from workshops is best implemented in the workplace when some coaching and review activities take place over the months following the training and will support you to do this.

If you are using one of our development services, we will tailor any training to the needs of the practice and the content delivered will fully support any practice development strategy identified during our review.

  • An introduction to social media for orthodontic practices (two hours introduction plus 2 hours per channel)
  • Developing engaging orthodontic content for social media (two hours)
  • An introduction to workplace coaching (two hours)
  • Video storytelling for orthodontic practices (full day)

Cost £1100 plus VAT per day

Workshops supporting practice development services

In many of our practice development services, we include an element of staff training as it is important that your whole team understand the changes we are proposing and the impact it will have on how they engage with patients. Each workshop is tailored to the development work we have undertaken and will focus on some key aspects that will help support your engagement or development strategy.

  • Understanding and supporting effective patient engagement
  • Designing the patient experience from a patients perspective
  • The £8000 T-Shirt – creating value in your practice
  • Recruiting orthodontic staff – a new approach to an old problem
  • Managing and developing orthodontic staff
  • Working with bloggers and micro-influencers to market your practice
  • Your first 100 days as a manager in an orthodontic practice
  • The five circles of influence – creating patient-centric marketing

Cost – included in service

Designing and delivering in-practice training

If you have a specific need for staff development training, we can work with you to fully understand your needs and to design effective and impactful training. Once this has been developed, we can either deliver this for you or can support a member of your team to deliver this training. Examples can include designing a practice induction for new team members or training that supports the introduction of new ways of working. This can be particularly useful when several practices are coming together to operate under a new identity and there is a need to standardise your approach.

Cost – design from £2500 plus VAT, training delivery / supported delivery £1100 plus VAT per day

Events and Conferences

We would be delighted to provide workshops, training, and presentations to support your event or conference. Our primary focus is on effective patient engagement and how this can be used to develop an orthodontic practice but we will be happy to discuss your needs and adapt our presentation to best engage your audience.

Please contact us to discuss further

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