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Orthodontic practice development can mean different things to different people. Whether it is attracting new patients, making the business more profitable, preparing for expansion or just doing things a little more efficiently to create some breathing space, we can help you to review your processes and make the changes necessary. Unless there is a need for making massive changes quickly, we see development as an iterative process starting with a strategy and ending with creating an exceptional patient experience.

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Practice development is a process that has a clear starting point but multiple endpoints depending on your ambitions. Handled thoughtfully, it yields benefits across the scope of your practice for you, your patients and your team.

To achieve consistent development, you will need to have everyone in your team fully onboard with the changes you are implementing. They will need to recognise the benefits it will bring to them, their patients and the practice and understand the important part they play in achieving your ambitions for your practice. Not everyone will be comfortable with change which is why we focus some of our attention on the important people and cultural aspects that allow you to effectively manage change and develop your practice.


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Employing new team members

Orthodontic Therapists, Treatment Coordinators or Business Managers all contribute to the development of your practice and how you work with patients. Many practices are starting to see the benefits of having Therapists and Treatment Coordinators as a means of enhancing your offer to patients and increasing capacity but the introduction of ‘Business Managers’ is relatively new and allows you to have a member of your team focussed on developing the business side of your practice. Working with you, we can help you to identify the key skills these individuals will require and can assist you with the recruitment of the ideal candidate. Supporting your new team members, we will work with them to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and behaviours necessary to support the development of your practice.

Cost £3500 plus VAT

Business development

If you are not ready to employ new members of your team to undertake business development or treatment coordination activities, we can help you to develop the necessary processes required to provide immediate benefits for your practice which in turn will better support the introduction of new team members in the future. Working with you and your existing team, we will understand your business model and help you to define a strategy to support your business development activities. Looking at patient engagement, people development, and marketing we will suggest some changes for you to consider and will devise a prioritised action plan that will support you in making the changes necessary to develop your practice.

Cost £2500 plus VAT

Setting up a new practice

Starting a new practice or making significant changes and re-launching an existing practice provides the perfect opportunity to define your business and patient engagement processes. Working with you, we can help you to create your business development and marketing strategy and all staff and patient processes leading to an exceptional patient experience that attracts and retains new patients. During the early months of your new practice, we will work with you and your team refining processes and engagement activities ensuring you maximise all opportunities to develop your business model.

Cost £5500 plus VAT

Business management

If you are starting to shift your focus towards developing your practice, we can provide on-going business management support which will bring together all aspects of your practice management, marketing, and patient engagement activities. Working closely with you and your staff we will become an integral part of your practice team providing business development support across the scope of your practice activities ensuring you achieve the required practice development potential.

Cost £1100 plus VAT per day (reduced rate for multiple days per month)

Team development

We strongly believe that you can create an exceptional patient experience by developing the potential that already exists in your practice. That potential is often made of up your reputation and expertise, your facilities, the patient processes you employ but most importantly, the people in your team who will deliver the orthodontic experience to your patients. Developing your team and working with them as you evolve as a practice is incredibly important and we can help you to get the most from everyone in your team.

Cost £1250 plus VAT per day

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