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Above everything else, we advocate patient engagement as the most effective means of developing your practice. Patient engagement starts long before their first appointment and if you get it right, patients will leave as advocates promoting their great experience to a wide circle of family, friends and associates. Every interaction with a patient is an opportunity for engagement and we can help you and your team improve how you do this.

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Every interaction your patient has with your practice and your team is an opportunity for improved engagement. This can be via your website, social media channels or during visits to your practice for treatment.

It is important to recognise and manage these ‘interactions’ well to deliver a consistent message to the patient about the experience they will have whilst undertaking treatment at your practice. We have identified six separate stages of the patient experience with the actual orthodontic treatment itself only being one of these six stages. Working with you, we can help you and your team to better manage the patient process so that you can deliver the experience you would wish your patient to talk about.


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Full review of your patient engagement activities

We will review all aspects of your patient engagement process and suggest changes for you to consider. Starting with a conversation about what you want to achieve and where you feel the areas of concern are, we will review your external engagement tools such as your website and social media channels. Then, spending a day with you and your team we will look at the complete patient engagement process employed in your practice and identify improvements for you to consider. We will discuss our findings and recommendations with you and will provide you with a prioritised action plan to improve your patient engagement process.

Cost £1250 plus VAT

Improving your patient engagement process

Following our review of your patient engagement process, we can work with you and your team to change or develop your processes and engagement activities. This can involve working with your website or social media managers or devising and delivering practice-specific training that helps your team to understand and work with the new processes. We will work with your practice manager and other key staff to identify priorities and design a process that is aligned with your vision for your practice.

Cost £1100 plus VAT per day

Mentoring – helping you to manage the changes necessary

After we have made recommendations to develop your patient engagement activities, we can support the practice and cultural changes that are necessary for these improvements to be implemented successfully. Working with your key staff, we will be available to discuss the progress you are making, barriers you are encountering and techniques for achieving success.

Cost £350 plus VAT per month (minimum 3 months)

Staff development

For training to be effective, there must be support within the practice to implement and develop learning. We adopt the 70:20:10 approach to staff development and devise impactful training interventions that engage your whole team. Every practice and team is unique so we tailor our training to the needs of the practice, your availability and the findings from our review of your patient engagement activities. Workshops include:

  • Understanding and supporting effective patient engagement
  • Designing the patient experience from a patients perspective
  • The £8000 T-Shirt – creating value in your practice
  • Managing and developing orthodontic staff
  • Working with micro-influencers and bloggers to market your practice
  • Your first 100 days as a manager in an orthodontic practice
  • The five circles of influence – creating patient-centric marketing

Cost £1100 plus VAT per day

The complete patient engagement service

Combining the above services, we are able to offer an approach that is both cost-effective and impactful, delivering new patient engagement processes quickly. Prior to our visit, we will discuss with you what you want to achieve, where you consider the issues to be and what already works well for you. We will then conduct a review of your external engagement channels and prepare our findings for the two-day visit to your practice. On day one, we will look at all your patient engagement processes and discuss with you our findings and identify what you would like us to prioritise. Day two will involve working with you and your team to start making these changes including delivering an in-practice team development activity focusing on several aspects of patient engagement. Following this visit, we will continue to provide a mentoring service for three months ensuring you complete the agreed action plan, and in doing so, transforming your patient engagement experience.

Cost £2950 plus VAT

A great patient experience connects clinical excellence with outcomes. It connects efficiency, quality, behaviours, and mission with caregiver experience and engagement. The patient experience relies on teamwork, communication, shared decision making, empathy, compassion, and human connection. It is also influenced by dignity, respect, and humanistic values, as well as the ability and willingness of clinicians to relate to their patients as people, not as a medical condition or a room number.

Christy Dempsey