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Effective marketing of your practice and the patient experience is essential if you wish to remain competitive. The patient choices and options for orthodontic treatment are expanding so to differentiate your offer, you will need to position yourself effectively to attract and retain more patients. Our range of marketing and social media services will help you to better engage with patients and in doing so, will help you to further develop your practice.

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Marketing is no longer just about the way you promote yourself to potential patients. It’s about the message you convey about the experience and why they should not only start treatment with you but also become advocates for your practice.

Marketing takes many forms and your advertising, website and social media channels are just one way you can promote yourself to new and existing patients. There are many other ways you can reach new patients and promote a message that attracts new business to your practice. There is a high demand for orthodontic treatment and with that comes increased competition from competing practices all keen to provide a solution to patients. Working with you, we can help you to develop your marketing initiatives.


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Review of your marketing activities

Whilst having some similarities to our patient engagement review, we will understand from you what marketing activities you have been undertaking to date and will review their effectiveness making recommendations for changes you may like to consider. This will include both traditional and digital marketing with a focus on how well the patient was engaged by the activity. Working with you and your team, we will suggest some alternative ways of marketing your practice and through the delivery of an in-practice workshop, will engage your team to ensure marketing efforts yield the results you are expecting.

Cost £1100 plus VAT

Review of digital marketing

If you predominantly promote your practice via online channels and social media, we will review your use of these methods and provide you with recommendations to increase their effectiveness. We will review your website from a patients perspective and suggest changes you may like to consider to improve the usability of your site.

Cost £550 plus VAT

Orthodontic SEO

Working exclusively with dental practices that provide orthodontic treatment gives us a unique insight into the profession. We will work with you to identify what you want to achieve with your website and social media and after completing a thorough review of competitors, will prepare and implement a strategy to increase the number of visitors to your website and social media channels. We will work with your website developer to make the required changes and will continuously monitor results to ensure your objectives are achieved.

Cost from £550 plus VAT per month

Social media marketing

Working with you and your team, we have a range of services that will help you to get more from social media. Whether you wish to continue populating your channels yourself with our support or would like us to fully manage these for you, we will work closely with you to help ensure your marketing strategy is achieved.

1. Supporting social media in-practice

If you wish to continue populating your practice social media channels yourself, we can help support you and your team by reviewing your activity and making suggestions for changes.

Cost £350 plus VAT per month (minimum 6 months)

2. Partially managed social media

Working alongside you and your team, we will both support you and publish content on your behalf. We will regularly review your activity and will make suggestions for how you can enhance your use of social media in line with your social media strategy

Cost £450 plus VAT per month (minimum 6 months)

3. Fully managed social media

After understanding your marketing aims, we will help you to devise a social media strategy that will provide direction to your marketing efforts. Fully managing your channels for you, we will publish content in line with your strategy, liaising with you to ensure your objectives are being achieved.

Cost £550 plus VAT per month (minimum 6 months) Initial set up cost of £1100 plus VAT (initial meeting, creation of a social media strategy, setting up and administration of channels, in-practice photography and information gathering)

Marketing support

Working closely with you and your team, we will manage all aspects of your marketing, focussing our efforts on a number of key priorities for your practice. We will support your traditional marketing initiatives and will work with agencies to design and produce material that reflects the ambitions of the practice. We will manage your social media channels, producing content that engages with your target audience. We will advise you on marketing campaigns and will monitor the results to refine future campaigns and inform practice development activities.

Cost from £2500 plus VAT per month


Many practices benefit from attending or hosting events that introduce potential new patients to the services they offer. Examples of this can include ‘wedding fairs’ or practice open days. Working with you and your team, we will help you to organise activities that are aligned with your marketing aims whilst also providing a great experience for both staff and potential patients alike. We will support you on the day, coaching your team to remain focused on the objectives and in doing so, picking up some additional skills that will benefit your patient engagement activities going forward.

Cost £1500 plus VAT

Marketing and social media training

For details of our marketing and social media workshops, please visit our Training and Workshops page

Engage, Enlighten, Encourage and especially…just be yourself! Social media is a community effort, everyone is an asset.

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