With uncertainty about the renewal of NHS contracts, we understand this is a worrying time for many. To maintain and develop your business, there is a need to review and enhance how you attract new private patients. You will need to not only differentiate your offer from competing practices but also ensure your team are supported through this change.

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To reduce your reliance on NHS work, you will need to increase your portfolio of private patients. For a practice that is already busy, this will mean you will need to review your processes and staffing and look at changing your offer to attract more private patients. The needs and aspirations of your private patients will be different so reviewing all your patient engagement activities will be essential.

We advocate effective patient engagement as the most effective means of developing your practice. For this to work, all members of your team need to be fully onboard with the changes you will need to implement. We can help you develop your strategy, processes and patient engagement activities.


If changes in the awarding of NHS contracts takes place or the criteria to treat patients becomes stricter, what impact would this have on your business? Would your existing private work adequately compensate you?

How we can help you with attracting new patients

Improving the patient process

After reviewing your existing patient process, we will suggest how you may change this to bring additional benefits to you and your patients.

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Marketing review

Working with your team we will review how effectively you use the marketing channels available to you and will suggest changes you may wish to consider.

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Staff development

We have devised a number of innovative in-practice workshops that will help your team to better understand the part they play in supporting engagement with potential new patients.

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We value a long term working relationship with our clients and will work with you to identify innovative solutions to the challenges you face. Our approach is to find out from you what works well for you and to adapt our services to best meet your needs.

We very much look forward to working with you.