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We help you to create an exceptional patient experience by developing the potential that exists in your orthodontic practice.

There has been a rapid increase in the demand for orthodontics in recent years fuelled by improved marketing, affordability, and increased consumer awareness. Differentiating practice and product offerings have become more difficult for the patient with the successful outcomes achieved by a skillful orthodontist getting easily lost in the fog surrounding the decision making process.

The need to evolve and enhance your offer to patients has never been more important if you want to develop and grow your practice. We understand that finding the time to make the changes necessary and to develop new processes and channels for reaching patients is difficult. We will help support you to develop your practice and your team. In doing so, will be building a long-term relationship with you as your practice continues to evolve.

Our development model is the basis for how we work with you to review and enhance your practice. Depending on your needs, we may focus our attention on certain areas of your practice. By following this four-step model, we will be able to support you to develop your patient offer.



Everyone at Hillyard MacDonald shares our excitement in working with orthodontic practices. We are fascinated by the people, technology and patient stories and as former adult patients ourselves, appreciate the enormous benefits treatment provides.


Neil first met Sarah early in 2013 when she was working as an orthodontic therapist in the practice he was to undertake his treatment with. This is their story of how they started Hillyard MacDonald.

Deciding it was about time to do something about straightening his teeth, Neil undertook some research on the options and, taking some advice from a neighbour who was working as a dental nurse, made an appointment to visit a well respected local orthodontist. It was during his records appointment early in 2013 he first met Sarah and recorded in his personal blog at the time that the ‘therapist was really kind, gentle and caring’. Sarah was nearing the end of treatment herself and it was her treatment which brought her to the practice which in turn lead her to be offered a role as an orthodontic nurse and then development to become an orthodontic therapist.

During his treatment, Neil was often seen by Sarah and inspired by the level of care he was receiving from everyone at the practice, started thinking about writing a patient-focused blog on adult orthodontics. Part way through his treatment, Sarah left the practice to join a large cosmetic focused clinic in central London. Here she developed further skills and soon became popular with both colleagues and patients.

It was over a year later when circumstances brought them together again in London as a result of some contacts Neil had made following an invitation to the British Orthodontic Society to attend the launch of their guide to adult orthodontics. They remained in contact, catching up when Neil was working in London, and during this time often discussed orthodontics and in particular how practices could develop their patient engagement processes. Neil ‘s blog was growing rapidly with a large following from around the world and through this, he was researching patient experiences. He was also invited to be one of the founding members of the British Orthodontic Society Patient Panel bringing his experiences and thoughts on adult orthodontics to the Society to support a number of projects and campaigns they were working on.

During a catch up in the Summer of 2017, they discussed combining their expertise and starting a business helping orthodontic practices to develop their patient engagement activities and following this Hillyard MacDonald was launched.


By working with talented people who genuinely care about our values, we are able to provide the best possible service to you, your team and your patients.

Neil Hillyard

Neil has worked in various people management and learning and development roles for much of his career. With many years management expertise, he brings a wealth of experience to the Company particularly around creative problem solving, organisational and process development and people engagement.

His own interest in dentistry started when he undertook orthodontic treatment himself which lead to writing one of the UK’s most visited blogs on adult orthodontics, He was a founder member of the British Orthodontic Society Patient Panel and has been actively involved in a number of patient-focused projects with the Society.

In his spare time, he is a volunteer for the RNLI and NHS Highland Education and enjoys walking and skiing in the mountains near his home in the Scottish Highlands.

Sarah MacDonald

Sarah has worked in the dental and orthodontic industry for over a decade and qualified as an Orthodontic Therapist from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh in 2012.

Her position as an Orthodontic Therapist has given her a wealth of experience and knowledge that she has brought to the company along with her positive attitude, and enthusiasm to help practices truly engage with patients. She has a passion for optimising patient journeys and giving them the best orthodontic experience possible.

Sarah understands the diversities of clinic culture and the delicate balance between running a profitable business whilst excelling in patient care, and is committed to assisting practices, surgeries and clinics to develop and reach their fullest potential.

Diana Mackie

Diana holds a Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma qualification and has 14 years’ experience in professional marketing and communications roles, including healthcare marketing. She is a graduate of Durham University. Diana enjoys reading, going on woodland walks and tries to get to the theatre in London as often as she can.


If you share our passion for orthodontics and feel you can contribute to our great team and the work we do, we would love to hear from you.


We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and support initiatives and education within our local communities.

As well as being passionate about orthodontics, we are also passionate about reducing our impact on the environment. You can help us to support this initiative by allowing us to reduce our use of natural resources and by encouraging those you work with to do the same. Within our communities, we will also continue to support local initiatives to create a better environment for us all.


We care about our team and our clients and value the fulfillment a long-term relationship brings. We aim to exceed our client’s expectations and provide innovative solutions to the challenges they face. We advocate improving patient engagement as the most effective method of developing an orthodontic practice.