With plenty of competing priorities, in a busy practice it is sometimes difficult to keep on top of effectively leading your team. It is during these times when some of your best people take the opportunity to explore working for someone else, taking with them years of experience and leaving you to fill the void. Whilst staff turnover is inevitable in any practice, you can minimise this with some simple steps.

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The provision of an exceptional patient experience is a responsibility of every member of your team. Patients quickly recognise changes in the dynamic of your practice caused by staff changes as well as the benefits provided from an established team, with each member contributing to effective patient engagement. 

In your leadership role, you have a responsibility to motivate and develop all members of your team and in doing so, will be creating a culture and environment where staff enjoy working and patients enjoy visiting. It is often the small touches that make all the difference to your team’s morale and we can help you by looking at what you already do and what changes you may like to consider.


What are your staff worth to your business? How can you retain and develop your best people in a competitive market for highly qualified and experienced orthodontic staff?

How we can help you with retaining and developing your staff

Team development

Building a great team takes time but is something you can work on every day. We can help you develop the culture and strategy required to build a great team.

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Coaching and mentoring

Everyone in a leadership or management role can do with a little help from time to time. Let us work with you to help you develop your team.

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People management training

We run a number of workshops aimed at providing staff with the skills and confidence to manage staff effectively.

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We cook and learn together, then we sit around a table and eat together.

Team building - London based Orthodontic Practice

We value a long term working relationship with our clients and will work with you to identify innovative solutions to the challenges you face. Our approach is to find out from you what works well for you and to adapt our services to best meet your needs.

We very much look forward to working with you.