We’re a Dental Industry Awards finalist

Last night, we opened an email from FMC and found out that we have been shortlisted as finalists in the 2019 Dental Industry Awards. We are finalists in two categories, Product launch of the year and Innovation of the year, recognising the work we do helping dental professionals to develop their practices by improving [...]

Developing your Private Practice Workshop

We are delighted to be running a workshop, Developing your Private Practice, on behalf of the British Orthodontic Society, Orthodontic Specialists Group. The workshop takes place in London on Saturday 2nd November. The aim of this one day workshop is to provide actionable advice and techniques orthodontic teams can use to increase their portfolio [...]

Engaging with new patients

In our previous articles, we have looked at orthodontic marketing, using social media to attract patients and most recently, how you can develop a patient-focussed website. All this has led to the important moment when the patient, after considering all that you and your competitors have to offer, has decided to contact you to [...]

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British Orthodontic Conference 2019

We will be attending the British Orthodontic Conference in Glasgow on 19th - 21st September and will have a stand in the main exhibtion hall. This promises to be an incredibly busy few days as not only will we be spending time talking to everyone who visits our stand, we will also be catching [...]

Orthodontic Websites

In our previous post, we started looking at digital marketing and using social media to engage with patients with the aim of creating content which encouraged patients to find out more about undertaking orthodontic treatment at your practice. Another important aspect of digital marketing is your website and in this article, we will help [...]

Marketing orthodontic treatment through social media

The use of social media continues to grow strongly with an estimated 42 million people in the UK spending an average of around 2 hours each day creating and engaging with content. Using social media to promote orthodontic treatment and to engage with patients is steadily increasing with the majority of practices cautiously exploring [...]

An introduction to orthodontic marketing

In a relatively short period of time, the promotion and provision of orthodontic treatment has changed significantly. Previously, the majority of specialist orthodontic practices were kept busy with a constant flow of NHS patients with relatively few adult patients seeking treatment. Orthodontics wasn’t well marketed to adult patients and the choice of treatments limited based [...]

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Six million Invisalign patients

Invisalign has just announced they have treated their 6-millionth patient so we thought we would take a look at the growth of this innovative product. Invisalign, as a company, started in March 1997 and provided their first aligners to orthodontists in July 1999. With any new product, it takes a while to become established [...]

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Orthodontic marketing: a patient’s perspective

One of the key themes emerging from the Practice Development Sessions at the British Orthodontic Conference in London was the increasing number of challenges faced by many specialists in attracting new private patients. The choice of treatment provider, and orthodontic options available to the patient are increasing every month and there has never been a [...]

Orthodontic Influencer Marketing

We have recently spent some time looking at the important topic of orthodontic influencer marketing and how this can help an orthodontic practice to reach new patients. Influencer marketing is working with people who have a good understanding of and following on, various social media platforms to help promote your services to a wider [...]

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