British Orthodontic Conference – Manchester 2021

We are delighted to confirm that not only will we be exhibiting at this year’s conference, Neil has also been invited to deliver two presentations as part of the conference programme.

The first presentation on the Saturday morning as part of the Driving Private Practice forum is ‘Marketing orthodontics – building a stronger brand story’. The second prevention in the afternoon will be delivered as part of the TED Talks series and is titled ‘Social listening – what we can learn about marketing orthodontics from patients’.

If you are interesting in developing your marketing for your practice, both these presentations are worth attending and Neil will be available throughout the conference to answer any questions you may have.

Our exhibition stand will be near to where the posters are being displayed this year in Audern Way. And for those of you joining the conference online, we will have a virtual stand too so there will be plenty of opportunity to meet us and to learn about how we can help you to develop your private practice.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

“A few year’s ago, I attended my first conference in Brighton as a guest of the Society. Sitting at the back of the theatre listening to many of the fascinating lectures I never thought just a few years later I would be on the stage delivering a lecture at this prestigious conference” – Neil Hillyard

Driving Private Practice

Marketing is all about effective storytelling but what story should you tell to increase your brand loyalty? And why would you want to do that anyway?

The way products and services are marketed has changed and no longer is the word of the ‘expert’ trusted in the same way it was just a few years ago.

People are more likely to seek and accept advice from other people in their social circle and in doing so can sometimes make treatment choices that would seem illogical to the clinician.

Faced with so many choices for orthodontic treatment, patients are often left to decipher conflicting messages about a topic they have little understanding of and it’s no wonder they are confused.

Marketing helps to create a consistent brand story and this presentation explores how effective storytelling in marketing can be used to increase brand loyalty and to organically grow your private practice.

Join me on Saturday 18th September at 11:00

TED Talks

Adult patients love sharing their experience of treatment on social media. Spending time analysing not only what they are talking about, but also how they are talking about their treatment provides an insight into how you can make your marketing more effective.

What are the consistent messages shared by patients? When are they most likely to provide you with a great testimonial, what do they do that gets others interested in seeking treatment?

All these questions plus several more will be answered in my TED talk when we will explore the art of social listening and what we can learn about marketing orthodontics from patients.

Join me on Saturday 18th September at 14:40

“It was at Glasgow BOC 2019 that I bumped into Neil and Sarah from Hillyard MacDonald. I asked them to speak to my practice manager to get an idea of what she felt needed to change at the practice. We discussed our goals and their methods. They agreed to look at us and see if we were the type of practice they could work with and we arranged a follow-up meeting. We have been in a partnership ever since with a shared goal of where we need to get to. We want organic growth of the private side of the practice, recognition and enhancement of our reputation as a friendly practice driven by quality clinical outcomes and a profile as the first place to come for orthodontic enquiries.”

Dr Robert Irvine – Specialist Orthodontist

Marketing Orthodontics – Strategies for Success

During this informative one day workshop, we will look at the challenges of marketing orthodontic treatments to patients and how some simple to implement strategies can make your marketing more effective; helping you to reach more patients with a message that better resonates with them.

Patients are faced with so many conflicting choices when it comes to having their teeth straightened and making the right decision about treatment is becoming more difficult. If you want to remain competitive and grow your private practice, your marketing has to reflect the changing needs of patients and how the promotion of other products and services has evolved. This workshop will give you the tools you need to grow your orthodontic practice.

Following this workshop, you will be able to critically appraise your own marketing through a simple framework that enables you to identify areas for improvement. You will gain new ideas for marketing orthodontic treatment supported by some effective strategies to grow your private practice.

This workshop is suitable for orthodontists, practice and business managers and anyone from the orthodontic team with an interest in marketing orthodontic treatments.

The workshop is being held at the British Orthodontic Society, 12 Bridewell Place, London on Saturday 16th October from 10:30 to 16:00. Attending this workshop will give you 5 hours verifiable CPD. The cost of the workshop is £395 plus VAT but delegates attending the conference can save 10% by using the discount code BOC2021.

You can book here: