We advocate effective patient engagement as one of the most effective ways of developing your practice. Better engaged patients are more likely to undertake treatment, work with you and your team during their orthodontic treatment and encourage others to consider treatment themselves. When looking at attracting new business it’s important that you look at the entire patient process and experience, otherwise time and effort spent attracting new business might not yield the required results.



We are at a fortunate time when awareness of the benefits of orthodontics is high and there is a ready supply of new patients wanting to start treatment. The challenge is to attract these patients to your practice and to provide a treatment solution and experience that exceeds their expectations.

To help you increase the number of prospective patients finding you and starting treatment, we will work with you to fully understand your existing marketing strategy and your ambitions for the future. This will most likely involve reviewing all aspects of your patient engagement process and helping you to consider different ways of reaching out to new patients.


Are you reaching out to new patients as effectively as they would like? If you don’t, other practices certainly will.

How we can help you with attracting new patients

Improving the patient process

After reviewing your existing patient process, we will suggest how you may change this to bring additional benefits to you and your patients.

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Marketing review

We will review how effective your existing marketing campaign has been and what you hope to achieve in the future using both traditional and digital marketing.

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Staff development

We have devised a number of innovative in-practice workshops that will help your team to better understand the part they play in supporting engagement with potential new patients.

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Engagement review

Working with your team, we will review how effectively you engage with new and existing patients and suggest changes you may wish to consider.

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Managed social media

Social media has become an important part of marketing orthodontic services but many practices struggle to undertake this effectively. We can support you with various services.

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