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The provision of orthodontics has experienced a period of rapid change and with it the need to adapt the approach you take to develop your practice and to remain competitive.

Running a busy practice, maintaining standards and prioritising your time against an incoming tide of competing tasks are just some of the challenges now regularly faced by practice owners. With patients expecting higher levels of service, more choice, faster treatment times and greater flexibility, the landscape for orthodontics has changed. Some practices have quickly adapted to the new demands placed on an orthodontic practice whereas others have been less able to do so and are now facing an uphill struggle to maintain the market position they may have previously enjoyed.

Patients are also becoming more aware of the opportunities to undertake orthodontic treatment and in their research are at risk of becoming confused about the options available and the outcomes that may be achieved. With little understanding of the complexities of orthodontic treatment, they risk being easily seduced by expensive marketing campaigns or low-cost offers that appear to be aligned to their needs but may not offer them the long-term solution they desire.

If this all sounds familiar, don’t worry, you are not alone, a number of practices we have spoken to have expressed concern that the demands on the practice owner or principle orthodontist have meant their attention is directed away from developing their practice and meeting the needs of new patients. Whether you are looking to resolve some long-standing concerns, attract more patients or find a way to differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace, we can help you take your practice to the next level.


In most cases it’s not about making large changes. It’s the small incremental steps that over time improve patient engagement and lead to the development of your practice.


Knowing what problem needs resolving will help you to find the right solution but what if you don’t know where to start? Often issues are intertwined and deeply rooted in ‘it’s what we have always done’ in which case we will work with you to carefully unpick the issues making sure we preserve what works well before considering some changes that you may like to consider.

I want to improve the patient experience

Engaging effectively with your patients is one of the best ways of developing your practice and attracting more patients.

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I want to attract new patients

There are many potential patients considering orthodontic treatment but how best can you reach them?

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I need help with marketing and social media

Traditional marketing still has it’s place but with the enormous possibilities brought about by digital marketing, isn’t it time to investigate further?

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Orthodontic Therapist, Treatment Coordinator or Business Manager?

If it’s time to employ some more staff, how can you best support their introduction and make the most of the opportunity?

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I would like increase staff retention

High staff turnover is expensive and disruptive for your practice. Attracting and retaining the right team is essential for the growth of your practice.

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I need to decrease my reliance on NHS work

The landscape for orthodontics is changing and opportunities exist to develop services for a rapidly growing number of private patients.

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I’m setting up a new orthodontic practice

Congratulations, this is a very exciting and busy time for you so let us help you to get it right from the outset.

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If you would like to chat to us about other challenges or objectives for your practice, please get in touch.

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