How many times have you been on a training course, completed the end of workshop evaluation form, rated all elements ‘great’ including the inedible lunch and stewed coffee only to return to your workplace and put nothing into practice? I would imagine if you have experienced this you are not alone with many people across the country going through this on a daily basis.

The art of a great trainer or facilitator isn’t just to deliver the material in an engaging and dynamic way but to also make the content relevant to their audience so that some of the learning achieved during the day gets reflected upon and put into regular use. There are many ways to achieve this, sometimes the training is so impactful that people think and react differently following the event, enthusing others to behave and do things differently. Alternatively, a process can be put in place ensuring that learning (or often compliance) is implemented following training but for this to happen, there needs to be clear expectations and an effective people management process in place.

One of the most effective ways to ensure learning is implemented in the workplace is referred to as 70:20:10 learning. This is used frequently in dental training with the Orthodontic Therapist training programme aligned to this method of learning. 10% of the learning takes place formally and to support this, 20% of the learning is achieved through support within the workplace through coaching, mentoring, social and peer-supported learning. The main 70% learning is achieved through an actual hands-on experience where the learner develops their skills and confidence getting support and constructive feedback as required.

The training we provide follows this model whereby we will not only provide workshops for your team but also the framework and skills training required to ensure that learning continues within the practice long after the workshop has concluded.

This great video explains the concepts behind 70:20:10 learning. All of our training is conducted this way as we want to ensure that your team implements and uses what they have learned every day.

People are moving away from more formal sources of learning, the rapid growth of bite-sized video or audio content supports the notion of learning provided in a way and at a time that suits the learner. Following our workshops, we encourage participants to go out and explore the topics in more detail and to share their learning with their colleagues.

70:20:10 learning in practice

To give you an example of how we work differently to many other providers, during one of our social media workshops, we will work with your team to understand the benefits and features of a social media channel. All of our training is very much ‘hands-on’ so everyone will be encouraged and supported to devise and share posts and as a group, we will work together to share experiences and to enhance understanding. At the end of the training, we will spend time with someone who will be designated as the in-practice ‘champion’ for this workshop and we will provide them with additional support and materials to enable them to encourage and coach others to regularly use the skills learned until their confidence and proficiency improves to a point where it becomes a routine part of their day to day work.

Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash